We believe in integrity, in honest and open working relationships that allow apple growers to connect with their end customers, and that allow cider makers and apple juice producers to be able to understand provenance of their apples with full traceability.

We believe in paying farmers a fair price for their apples and providing a competitive and high quality product to our customers. Apple farming is a long term business, it takes 12 years from deciding which variety to grow, to establishing an orchard and having a crop that is in full production.  As such we believe it is important to provide a profitable price to apple farmers every year to enable them to reinvest in their businesses.

We strive to offer the highest quality and for us that means:

  • Single named varieties of apples
  • Named growers
  • Full traceability right back to the individual apple orchard
  • Full crop assurance
  • 100% provenance
  • Full marketing support – use the “made with British Bittersweet apples” logos on all your product and marketing materials
  • Full MRL screening

We do not believe that any other producer or agent selling English apple juice or concentrate can provide the same guarantees for both bittersweet and sweet apple varieties.

We believe in long-term relationships that provide a fair return to both parties. We look forward to doing business with you.