We are growers and suppliers of High Integrity Dabinett Bittersweet Juice Concentrate to the US Market.

We work in partnership with Charles Faram Inc. to ship the juice to the US Markets.

Dabinett Apples

This apple variety dates from around the early 1900’s. It was found by William Dabinett and grown as a natural seedling in a hedge in South Petherton, Somerset. Classed as a “Bittersweet Cider Apple,” Dabinett has a small, yellow green fruit – flecked with red and usually harvested in November in the UK. The flesh is green and aromatic. The apple tree itself has a relatively small and spreading habit and it also has a high resistance to apple scab.

The juice is characterised as having high tannin and low acid.

There are other varieties available:

Bittersweet Varieties

  • Yarlington Mill
  • Port Wine (Harry Masters)
  • Hereford Jersey (Chisel)
  • Ashton & Ellis Bitter (blend)

Sweet Varieties

  • Bramley Seedling
  • Cox’s Orange Pippin
  • Red Windsor
  • Worcester
  • Discovery
  • Jonagold

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