If you choose to buy apples from the British Apple Co you can guarantee:

  • Single named varieties of apples
  • Named growers
  • Full traceability right back to the
    individual apple orchard
  • Full crop assurance
  • 100% provenance
  • Full marketing support – use the “made with British Bittersweet apples” logos on all your product and marketing materials
  • Full MRL screening

The British Apple Co has been formed to give you direct access to British bittersweet and sweet apple varieties.

We consist of four significant farm businesses and have created this association to give apple juice and cidermakers all over the world direct access to the unique flavours and complexities of British bittersweet cider apples and sweet juicing apples.

Between us we can access many of the UK's bittersweet apples for cider apple production. And we have access to the largest regional supply of single variety sweet apples for apple juice production.